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Release day delivery!


The following weapon types and current in game weapons have been added to the database:

BlueBlaze's AvatarKeep on pushing forward


Due to the tremendous effort of Lethe we are just about caught up with the major in game items. The only holes in the site at this moment center around units which should be completely filled in the coming weeks. We are still looking for more staff to help with the site so if you are interested send me an email at .


Blaze's AvatarMini Update

Gun Slash table has been updated.


Blaze's AvatarMini Update

Assault Rifle table has been added.


Blaze's AvatarAnd it only took two months...


Sorry about the long delay in between updates. I wanted to wait until open beta started before making anymore changes in order to avoid having to constantly replace older information. The Wired Lance table should now be up to date with what is currently available in the open beta. If you happen to find anything in open beta and would like to report it to me you can do so by emailing me at .


{You Can Have This} Rear, Arm, Leg, and Sub


Four more sub categories have been added to the site. Rear, Arm, Leg, and Sub. All but sub have sortable tables with basic stats. For those that haven't noticed the similarities in stats are more than likely placeholders that will be replaced in later builds of Phantasy Star Online 2.


Tails? Talis? Thalys? Huh?


Updated the Thalys page with an actuall table. Who knows how long the stats will remain accurate. Rather than go and update the older entries I decided to wait until at least OB so I don't find myself constantly changing stats that are only temporary.


Blaze's AvatarCan you hear me now?


For today's small update I have added the mumble server info. In order to access it you must be a registered member of the site. You can either register above by clicking register or click here and be taken to the main registration page.


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